Sudden weight loss is a good thing for these three diseases

Sudden weight loss is a good thing for these three diseases

Nowadays, it ‘s popular to be thin for beauty, causing too many office crowds and beauty-loving people to scramble to lose weight, but if your body suddenly loses weight in normal life, you need to pay 120,000 points of attention, because it is veryMay be a good thing for these three diseases!

  Hyperthyroidism Hyperthyroidism is a common endocrine disease caused by excessive thyroid hormone secretion caused by a variety of reasons.

The clinical manifestations are hypereating, weight loss, fever, sweating, palpitations, agitation and other hypermetabolic syndromes, increased nerve and vascular excitement, and varying degrees of goiter and eye protrusion, hand tremor, and vascular noise.

  Many patients have atypical symptoms.

Due to strong catabolism in the body, on the surface, patients with hyperthyroidism seem to have increased appetite, but excessive consumption of nutrients in the body can easily cause a significant weight loss.

Therefore, when the body has an unexplained weight loss, you should consider whether you have hyperthyroidism.

  Tuberculosis has been coughing for more than two weeks or blood in sputum, and fever is considered a typical symptom of tuberculosis, but some patients are “asymptomatic.”

They do not have a cough or fever, and it is difficult to be diagnosed immediately.

  有被确诊肺结核的无症状患者表示,以前自己体型较为肥胖,突然间饭量骤减,体重下降,他们本以为自己变‘苗条’,谁知在体检过程中,发现肺部出现钙化,才到医院an examination.

  Severe heart failure Generally speaking, severe heart failure or long-term onset of valvular heart disease can lead to high energy consumption in the body.

Often staying up late may be very thin, staying up late will affect gastrointestinal function and cause gastrointestinal diseases. Over time, it may become weak due to attenuation of gastrointestinal function.

Therefore, don’t blindly think that a short rainstorm is good!

Be sure to find out if these three diseases are the cause!