Cold and dampness is the root cause of all diseases!


Chinese medicine drives the cold three-character scripture, tells you about the truth about cold and dampness, and collects it.

Cold and dampness is the root cause of all diseases!
Chinese medicine drives the cold three-character scripture, tells you about the truth about cold and dampness, and collects it.

Cold is the symbol of winter.

Every winter, people are wrapped in layers.

In the view of Chinese medicine, “cold” is the source of all diseases.

Therefore, in order to keep fit, cold is the key.

In the view of Chinese medicine, many diseases are caused by “cold”.

Modern people staying up late in the day, physical activity in the body, excessive chilling and drinking cold are all important factors that cause cold invasion.

Cold and dampness is the source of all diseases. There are six sinister evils in Chinese medicine, which are wind, cold, heat, wet, dry and fire.

Among them, cold is yin and evil, easy to hurt yang.

Raining and wading, sweating out of the wind, greedy and cold, because of the cold in the external environment, the body is cold; the cold food damages the spleen and stomach yang, can cause cold from the endogenous, causing excess yin in the body, yang damage, performanceFor fear of cold, easy to diarrhea, cold, edema, tired body, pale lips, frequent urination, more urine, sleep and appetite are very poor.

The cold Lord received the stagnation.

The cold evil invades the surface of the skin, which is characterized by cold and cold, cold and sweat-free, neck tightening, pain in the body and other symptoms; invasion of the meridian joint leads to fixed contraction of the tendons, difficulty in flexion and extension of the limbs, pain; further invasion into the organs, injuryAnd yang.
Moreover, cold evil is easy to accompany with wet evil and wind evil, forming cold and cold.

Chinese medicine says “everything is easy to remove, and it is difficult to get wet”, meaning that cold and dampness hurts the body. The main cause of rheumatic joint pain is cold and dampness.

The five parts are most vulnerable to cold and cold, and the wounded are from the outside, especially the five parts of the human body.

The first is the head.

The head is “the meeting of Zhuyang”, suddenly exposed to rain or winter without wearing a hat, cold and wet will invade the head, headache, dizziness, heavy head feeling.

After washing your hair at night, you can sleep with your wet hair. The cold evil is also easy to invade, so be sure to dry it or dry it with a hair dryer before going to sleep.

The second is the shoulder and neck.

Here, cold weather can cause complications such as cervical spondylosis, frozen shoulder, and back pain.

Regular massage of Dazhui can stimulate yang.

The easiest way is to cover the big vertebrae with the palm of your hand (the depression that enters the highest point after the neck is lowered); or raise the water temperature during bathing, and use hot water to wash the vertebrae for five or six minutes.

It is best to wear a scarf and wear a vest on the cold.

The third is the nose and mouth.

Cold drinks will bring cold into the stomach, stomach cold is prone to loss of appetite, indigestion; nose is the passage of air in and out, cold can invade the lungs with breathing, leading to cold and cough.

The fourth is the chest and waist.

There is a sputum in the chest, and long-term chill can cause the mammary gland nodule; the waist has a fatal hole, which can cause low back pain; the abdomen has a sacred acupoint (ie, the navel), and the female wears the umbilical cord to cause diarrhea.Dysmenorrhea, infertility and other reasons.

The fifth is the legs and feet.

Traditional Chinese medicine often says, “Cold is born from the foot, and the disease comes from the cold.” Some people like to wear bare legs, wear sandals, and even wear socks in autumn and winter. It is easy to induce old cold legs and knee arthritis.

It is recommended to use hot water to soak your feet. You can also put some ginger, pepper and dried pepper in the water to promote blood circulation in the legs and feet.

People who are particularly afraid of cold on the feet may wear socks when they sleep.

In the winter, the word 鈥淭emperature鈥?is winter, and the weather is cold. It is necessary to take some measures in daily life to prevent cold evil from invading people.


In time.

Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as apples, radishes, cabbage, etc.

Three meals a day should be regular, breakfast is nutritious, lunch should be eaten well, full, dinner should be light, easy to digest.


When the sun is in the head in the afternoon, it will take about 20 minutes to let the sun warm the top of the Baihui point in the center of the head. It can help the brain through the smooth meridians.

In the evening, you can back to the sun and back, it is best to pat the massage while helping to regulate the five internal organs.


Take your legs.

“Moving is yang,” yang is full, cold and wet is easy to discharge.

Autumn and winter seasons can choose to go to the park for jogging, walking, cycling, etc. when the weather is warm, preferably 3 per week?
5 times, 30 each time?
60 minutes.


Stay up late.

The people who stay up all night have similar feelings: When they reach three or four o’clock in the morning, they will have cold hands and feet, and they will be cold and their brains will not be heard. This is actually the consumption of blood in the night and night, and the cold and evil invade the human body, causing the meridians to overlap.which performed.

Therefore, in winter, we must ensure adequate sleep to prevent cold and evil.

It is recommended that the work schedule be adjusted to 鈥渆arly sleep late鈥? If time permits, it is best to get out of bed when you are lying in the sun. You can avoid the cold evil and avoid the interference of yang.


Control the lust.

The more winter, the more you should control your emotions and vent your emotions in an appropriate way.

Especially for middle-aged and elderly people, be happy and learn to be tempted.

Finally, two kinds of cold porridge suitable for autumn and winter are recommended.

One is ginger glutinous rice porridge: glutinous rice, ginger, scallion, vinegar and boiled together, is a famous “prestige porridge” in Chinese medicine.

This party originated from the Qing Dynasty’s “Taiwan Hospital Experience”: “A glutinous rice boiled into a soup, seven scallions and seven slices of ginger, cooked into half a cup of vinegar, cold and take security.

“Second is Amomum porridge: When the rice porridge is cooked quickly, transfer the Amomum powder 2?
3 grams, just cook.