Fun and fitness barbell exercises

Fun and fitness barbell exercises

Recently, we investigated in several well-known gyms, and unexpectedly found that “Barbell Exercise” has gradually become the most popular fitness class, and it is likely to replace TOP1 of various courses.

  Barbell exercise is a popular name. Literally, it means aerobics with a barbell.

In fact, it also has a foreign name, called “body charging”, which is translated from its foreign body pump.

It stopped at the gym, but because of the barbell device, many outsiders thought it was a boring project.

However, the best judgement is based on original materials. If you haven’t tried it, don’t make random comments. This is the top project in more than 3,000 clubs in more than 40 countries around the world, taking advantage of aerobic exercise.Maximize play, make target training simple, consume energy through proper weight and continuous physical exercises, and dance with the most popular music nowadays. This is the true face of barbell exercises, that is, it grabs the TOP1 ranking.The point is.

  According to Baolihao ‘s popular coach Xu Xueming, the most important weight loss program in the fitness circle is that physical charging can not only speed up the metabolism of the practitioner, quickly burn the amateur, but also exercise the endurance of the practitioner, improve self-confidence, and refresh the spirit.Keep in good working condition. After class, it is like charging the body.

  During the exercise, most of the exercises are done in complementary postures, and with the barbell in hand, so the intensity of the exercise of the legs and arms penetrates.

After carefully completing various combinations of movements, it can shape muscle shape, strengthen muscle strength, and increase bone density.

The complete coaxial barbell training course is about 60 minutes, and there is also a simplified version without arm movements, about 50 minutes.

This course can make a conversion of 556 calories for men and 390 calories for women, which is one of the current weight loss courses.

  The barbell exercise uses a standardized training method to perform a series of free weight-bearing exercises, in which the barbell is used directly, and then the barbell pads, pedals and mats are used. Constantly changing the use of equipment can allow participants to gain more from crowd training.Passion.

  Although it is a weight-bearing aerobic course, the load is very heavy, but the girls are still actively participating, so the participants are mainly female.

At the same time, it is also a project for male participation in group aerobics.

This collective concept makes everyone motivate each other and compete with each other. When everyone is sweating, they can realize the pleasure brought by the development of physical potential.

  Each routine is divided into 10 sections and each section is 5 minutes.

All movements seek maximum intensity at the prescribed time and challenge every muscle in your body.

  People with different physical fitness should choose the barbell that suits them.

5, 2.

You can choose between 5, 5, and 10 kilograms. The selection criteria is that you can bear this weight, and can keep up with the pace of the coach to achieve the most suitable pressure on your muscles and bones.

Accompanied by rhythmic music, constantly invigorate oneself in the shouts of friends.

The coach will also adjust the weight of the barbell according to the physical condition of the practitioner.

Doing different exercises consumes different speeds, so you don’t have to worry about becoming “five big and three rough” after practicing for a long time.


The warm-up part uses light weight barbells to stimulate the muscle groups in all parts of the body, so that they are fully mobilized, relieves the tension and stiffness that are usually caused by not exercising, and prepares for the next step of high-intensity exercise.


Target muscles for one-leg muscles: Stretching and relaxing of the leg and skin muscles This movement is often used to relax after the end of the exercise. In fact, the coach pointed out that everyone does not have this movement in the warm-up movement, just considering its practical effect, Gael feltIt is good for body stretching and can awaken the rigid body in “sitting” life.


Exercise part?

Squat target muscles: Quadriceps feet stand shoulder-width apart, with toes extended slightly.

Hold the barbell with both hands and place it on the trapezius.

During the squat, pay attention to raise your hips slightly, abdomen, chest, and lower jaw.

  The key: This movement must ensure that the legs do not exceed the toes.

Keep your focus on your heels.

Don’t deliberately bow your head.


Lungs target muscles: front of thighs, buttocks, hips and feet stand up, abdomen and chest.

With your knees bent down, your body stays upright. The lower legs of the front legs and the thighs of the rear legs are perpendicular to the ground.

Bend your knees to the limit, then relax and do the same on the other side.
  The key: make sure you work hard, or it wo n’t work.

Leaning target muscles: The gluteal muscle group is the same as the squat with the hips, chest, and center of gravity on the heels.

Grab the barbell at both ends of your palm, bend your elbows when you inhale, lift the barbell up to the limit, and relax your arms when you exhale.

  The key: Pay attention to the elbow joint when trying to lift the barbell in close to your body. When you exhale, your arms will sag, but don’t let the barbell exceed a bit.


Curve push chest target muscles: The chest muscles lie on the pedals, extend the palms of both hands, hold the barbell and push upwards on the body.

This movement pushes the chest horizontally and axially. During the process from bending to tilting the arm, the force is tilted upward.

It can play a role of pinching the chest and tighten the chest muscles.

  The key: master the strength so as not to move the balance point back and cause the barbell to fall, which will hurt the arms and chest muscles.


Dumbbell target bird muscles: Shoulder muscles kneel on the mat in a bow and arrow, lean forward, and hold a dumbbell piece for each of your left and right hands.

The forearm is parallel to the ground and the forearm is perpendicular to the ground.

Get up while inhaling and keep your arms moving. Note that the lower arms are lower than the upper arms and the lower arms are lower than the shoulders.

  The key: When you stand up, don’t let the strength of your arm work, and let the shoulders lift the weight of the dumbbells.


Relaxation part of the exercise goal: to allow all muscle groups of the body to be stretched or massaged to prevent excessive lactic acid production and affect the physical condition of the next day.

  Because the muscles of the whole body are involved in higher intensity exercise, it takes about ten minutes to relax, the hip muscles contract, the outside of the abdominal muscles, the quadriceps muscle relaxation, and the hip muscle relaxation are all typical actions.