Traditional Chinese medicine special decoction

Traditional Chinese medicine special decoction

Core tips: Some Chinese medicinal materials have special ingredients and special treatments during cooking to produce the best results.

  Decoction must know-special Chinese medicine decoction.

There are usually the following special methods of frying: (1) Gelatinization is about to melt gums, ointments, sugars, or inorganic salts in other liquids (deslagging) that are fried by other medicines to melt into liquid formulations.

The medicines for tritium include: Ejiao, turtle gum, antler gum, loquat leaf paste, thenardite, xuanming powder and so on.

(6) Cashing out the decoction of liquid medicine and other medicines, and taking it.

The medicines to be administered are: bamboo leaches, ginger juice, fresh coriander juice, etc.

  (2) First fry the first decoction, add 400 to 500 ml of water, boil with Wuhuo for 15-20 minutes, then add other general medicines, add water to an appropriate amount, and continue to cook.

The medicines to be pre-fried are roughly: gypsum, cold water stone, magnet, vermiculite, white quartz, amethyst, raw keel, clam shell, raw cassia, corrugated iron, tortoise plate, armor, dragon teeth, leopard bone, antlers, waterHorns and other minerals, shells, bones, nails, horns and thin hard active ingredients that are not easily medicated.

In addition, there are toxic medicinal materials such as aconite, pokeweed, raw southern star, and pinellia.

  (3) Generally, it is advisable to add the medicine 5-10 minutes before the end of the decoction.

After the drug is generally mint, amomum, nutmeg, agarwood, cinnamon, bougainvillea and other odors, including antibacterial drugs.

In addition, Uncaria, Rhubarb, Senna, Xu Changqing and other drugs that cannot be fried for a long time are also suitable.

  (4) Fry the other juice and pour it into the medicine soup and take water.

Other fried herbs include ginseng, American ginseng, velvet antler, bird’s nest, and white fungus.

  (5) Frying is to fry the medicine in emery cloth bag with other medicines.

The medicines that are fried include zongzi, psyllium chinensis, silkworm sand, spiral flowers, talcum powder, Liuyisan, Qingdai, Mabo, Shengpuhuang and other drugs that contain mucus, villi and bodies that are easy to float.

  (7) Infusion For powdered medicine or rotten and damaged drugs, powder should be infused, such as antelope horn powder, rhino horn powder, buffalo horn powder, pearl powder, agarwood powder, etc.