How does the old lung disease cure so much when it is scraped?

How does the old lung disease cure so much when it is scraped?

The method of scraping the lung disease is to focus on the lungs before and after the scaling, and to scrape and cup in the vicinity.

The internal organs have a “window” at the top, that is, the back acupoint, the back acupoint is the gas of the internal organs collected in the adjacent acupoints, and the gas of the lungs is collected in the adjacent acupoints.

Feishu is the foot of the bladder and the acupoints of the lungs.

Under the third thoracic spinous process on the back, open 1 side.

5 inch.

Indications for lung and respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis, etc.

The wiping blade scrapes the entire blade and scrapes and cups in the vicinity of the center of Zhongfu and Zhongfu.

Why is there a problem with the lungs to scrape the entire chest? That is because the Chinese medicine “three-focal positioning” method, the heart and lung are in the chest.

In the middle is the gas meeting in the eight meeting points, the lungs are the main gas, the lungs have problems to take gas.

Zhongfu is the acupoint of the lungs. The fundraising is the acupoints of the internal organs of the chest and the abdomen. The acupoints of the lungs are collected in the abdomen of the chest and abdomen.

The Zhongfu point is in the lateral part of the chest, 1 inch below the cloud door, and the gap between the first ribs is 6 inches from the front centerline.

Indications for cough, asthma, lung fullness, chest pain, shoulder and back pain.

Wipe the blade to wipe the hand of the yin and lung, that is, wipe the bilateral hand to place the leading edge of the lung through the line, focus on wiping the ruler – hole most – column missing – Taiyuan this lung.

When scratching, how to do scraping, the appearance of stun appears dizziness, pale, flustered, cold sweat, cold limbs, nausea or fainting.

The cause of the smearing is caused by the fact that the smearing varies from person to person and the reasons are different.

In order to avoid the phenomenon of smearing, pay attention to rest before eating, moderate diet; for patients with low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, excessive weakness and nervousness, the intensity is light when scraping.

Once there is a halo, quickly let the patient lie flat; let the patient drink 1 cup of warm sugar per day; quickly scrape the patient with a scraper to wipe the patient’s Baihui (scratch), the middle point (the corner is lightly scraped), the inner close (scratch))), Zusanli (scratch), Yongquan (scratch).