Colorful lips identify health

Colorful lips identify health

If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then the lips can pay attention to the windows of health.

The color, gloss, and thickness of the lips all reflect the health of the human body.

Normally healthy lips are generally rosy and shiny, with moderate wetness and elasticity.

If there is a problem with the body, the lips will change.

So get up early in the morning, may wish to look in the mirror, take a closer look at your lips, and see if the following conditions: Lips purple: If the lips appear blue for a long time, modern medicine calls it “purple”, indicating that there may be a problem in your heart, So appropriate for a long time to go to the hospital for examination.

Some respiratory diseases can also cause changes in lips brightness, not enough ruddy.

  Pale lips: If you have pale lips for a long time, you can go to the hospital for a check. The doctor will check you accordingly based on their performance and conscious symptoms to rule out the problem of anemia.

In addition, some patients with spleen and stomach deficiency and indigestion can also show symptoms such as rosy and dry lips, and some even have cold limbs.

  Red lips and lips: The normal lip color is mostly pink. If the red color is too bright or dark purple, it may be caused by the so-called “big fire” in the body.

If accompanied by bad breath, hiccups, indicating that the spleen and stomach are hot and humid;

  Lip darkening: If one or more dark spots appear on your lips, you should go to the department of dentistry or dermatology of the hospital to rule out the possibility of pigmented diseases or vascular diseases, such as pigmented nevus or hemangiomas.Do related checks.

If the overall color is dull and dark, also pay attention to the digestive system.

If a circle around the lips is black, it may be related to dampness in the body or deficiency of the spleen and kidney.

  Yellow lips: It is rare to see yellow lips. If your lips are yellow and your face and body skin are yellow, you must be careful if your liver has any problems. You can go to the hospital to check if you have hepatitis.

  Lip and palate: One of the manifestations of cheilitis is lip and palate.

Some people with allergies, such as lipstick allergies, or people with poor digestion, will also have this manifestation.

Of course, the same phenomenon occurs in the body due to lack of water or B vitamin metabolism.

  Herpes labialis: also called herpes simplex on the lips, caused by herpes virus infection. It is often caused by decreased body resistance, such as overwork, cold, excessive oily or spicy food, and excessive humidity.

  Therefore, care of the lips must start from the root cause of the body.

While treating the primary disease that causes changes in the lips, pay attention to regulating normal functions. Pay more attention to it normally. I believe that your lips will maintain a charming luster.