I often eat green onions with 7 great effects.


I often eat green onions with 7 great effects.

Often eat green onions have 7 great effects 1: A variety of vitamins in the aphrodisiac yin can ensure the normal secretion of human hormones, but also effectively stimulate sexual desire, thus “aphrodisiac yin”.

Therefore, for men, eat green onions or chives 3 times a week, can be used for cooking, cold salad, can also be used as a flavoring agent to achieve the effect of aphrodisiac.

Efficacy 2: Detoxification seasoning green onion, spicy, with the effect of publishing Tongyang, detoxification and flavoring.

Mainly used for cold and cold, yin and cold abdominal pain, aversion to cold and fever, headache, stuffy nose, milk is not available, and the second is unfavorable.

Green onions contain volatile oil. The main component of the oil is allicin, which also contains diallyl sulfide and calcium oxalate.

In addition, it also contains trace amounts, sugars, carotene, vitamin B, C, niacin, calcium, magnesium, iron and other ingredients.

Efficacy 3: Prevention of pectin contained in cancer chives can significantly reduce the incidence of colon cancer and have anti-cancer effects.

The garlic in the onion can also inhibit the growth of vitamins; the onion also contains trace element selenium, which can reduce the nitrite content in the gastric juice, and has a certain effect on preventing gastric cancer and various cancers.

Efficacy 4: Sweating and antibacterial green onion has the effect of stimulating the body’s sweat glands, and achieves the effect of sweating and dissipating heat; onion oil can stimulate the upper respiratory tract, making the adhesive easy to cough up.

Allicin contained in onions has obvious anti-bacterial and viral effects, especially for dysentery bacteria and skin fungi.

Efficacy 5: Diastolic vascular green onions metabolize vitamin C, have diastolic blood vessels, promote blood circulation, prevent dizziness caused by elevated blood pressure, keep the brain flexible, and prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

The volatile oil and pungent of green onion can eliminate the odor in the greasy and thick taste of scallions, and produce a special aroma. If it is eaten with mushrooms, it can promote blood circulation.

Efficacy 6: lowering cholesterol onions can reduce the accumulation of bad cholesterol, people who often eat onions, and even too much fat, its prevention is not increased, and the body is strong.

The onion leaves contain more vitamins A, C and calcium than the scallion.

Efficacy 7: Relief fatigue Scallions, like onions, contain allyl sulfide, which stimulates the secretion of gastric juice and promotes appetite.

When absorbed together with foods with elevated levels of vitamin B1, it promotes starch and sugar conversion in foods and relieves fatigue.

Six Notes on Eating Onions 1. The oxalic acid and tofu contained in the onion and tofu are easy to form calcium oxalate, which hinders the body’s intake of calcium. It is not only tofu, but also can not be eaten with other foods with large calcium content;Onion stewed dog meat, cock meat is easy to cause fire, especially those who love the fire should eat less, rhinitis patients with onion stewed dog meat may aggravate the condition; 3, eat green onions should not drink honey in the various enzymes and onionsSome of the ingredients react to produce substances harmful to the human body, which can easily lead to diarrhea and gastrointestinal discomfort.

4, serving Liu Wei Di Huang Wan during the period is not suitable for eating onion Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is a treasure in Chinese medicine, onion is an indispensable ingredient for people daily, you know that the combination of these two will have any effect?

Onion, garlic, spicy, warm, can pass the yang and promote blood circulation, deworming and detoxification, sweating and dispelling the table, have a better therapeutic effect on colds, cold, headache, yin and cold abdominal pain, internal resistance of worms and dysentery.

However, this effect is exactly offset by the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the rehmannia in Liuwei Dihuang Pills. Therefore, the combination of the two is a major mistake. It is not suitable for eating onions during the Liuwei Dihuang Pill!

5, scallion and onion leaves, at least nutrition old Chinese medicine believes that onions have sterilization, through milk, sweating and sleeping and other effects.

But on weekdays people eat green onions, accustomed to leaving only scallion, and throwing away some of the onion leaves.

In fact, the green onion contains chlorophyll, carotenoids and other nutrients that are not in the white, easy to replace.

Chlorophyll has important effects on the human body, such as resisting radiation, removing toxins, and strengthening muscles.

Therefore, onion leaves are more nutritious than scallion.

If you buy the onion leaves, they are very old and have shrunk and yellow, then you can throw them away. Don’t think that the onion leaves are already nutritious, but you have not chosen to influence the taste.

6, some people should not eat too much onions in the general population of edible onions, but people with diabetes, especially ulcer disease should not eat more; other onions to stimulate the sweat gland instead, people who have stinking should be careful in the summer;Virtual, sweaty people should also eat; excessive consumption of onions will damage vision.