The girl simply nine steps to say goodbye to the bones


The girl simply nine steps to say goodbye to the bones

For the first time, International Fashion Week opened the 鈥淏one Model鈥?and redefined the new standard for the catwalk: the model’s 鈥渂ody mass index鈥?BMI = weight (kg) / height squared (m).

Below article / 3/18 (international normal 2article / 3 / 1-24, Oriental normal 2article / 3 / 1-23), can not go on the catwalk catwalk.

Madrid Fashion Week is a move that hopes that the public will not link fashion to the phenomenon of anorexia. I hope that girls in development will wake up every morning to care for their stomachs and care for their health.

The news also shifted the public’s attention to the skinny girls in life.

銆€銆€In fact, the skinny girls are unfortunate in addition to the bones, because they look much thinner than others, and they don’t get fat when they eat. So most of them don’t have any sense of exercise. They don’t need to be temperate in eating. What do you want to eat?It does not account for how much conversion and sugar is easily absorbed.

In the eyes of fitness instructors, the 鈥渉appiness鈥?that many people envy is a trap for the future.

Although they are slim and thin, they can’t avoid being a “little belly”, especially a sedentary white-collar family.

Because eating is not fat, the only way for thin girls to escape from the “bone mold” family is to increase the muscle content through exercise and make them look stronger.

銆€銆€In life, not thin girls like 鈥渂one molds鈥? almost all fitness instructors unanimously recommend a balanced exercise that transforms misfortune into muscles at low intensity.

For a soft and weak skinny girl, it is a perfect fit.

Pilates is also the best way for all fat girls and thin girls to practice together and achieve different satisfaction results.

銆€銆€Action 1: Upright tilt requirements: The feet are close together, the toes can be slightly extended, tightening the buttocks, thigh fractures, knee joints, calves and ankles.

Place the pelvis in a horizontal position (can’t tilt forward or backward), and squeeze your hands and fingers across the top of your head.

Abdomen and chest, open the chest wide.

The shoulders, hips and heels are on a vertical line.

The front sinks, the eyes look straight ahead, and the chin is slightly above the horizontal position.

The entire spine should extend upwards in the direction of the top of the head!

Hold for 3-5 minutes.

銆€銆€Purpose: First of all, we must correct the bad posture of the body, so that we can have the best training effect. Action 2: Delta muscle training requirements: feet and shoulder width, abdomen and chest, avoid slack, eyes straight ahead!

Slowly raise the elbow until the deltoid muscle is fully contracted.

The position of the arm is like holding a big tree!

Hold for 2-3 minutes.

銆€銆€Purpose: It can adjust its overall contour and appearance. Action 3: Triceps training requirements: prone, chin on the ground, hands on both sides of the body, palm facing the roof.

Keep your legs together and tighten your hips!

Slowly raise your hands.

Keep your hands as high as possible and tighten your arms as far as possible. Don’t open them!

Hold for 2-3 minutes.
銆€銆€Purpose: It can tighten the loose muscles better and better modify the arm line movements. 4: Side waist practice requirements: feet and shoulder width, tummy hips, relax, put one hand behind the head, onePlace your hand only 45 degrees below the body side.

The eyes look straight ahead.

Keep the coaxial position in the same plane.

Slowly bend the body to the side, keep the waist fixed, and bend above the waist.

Slowly restore again.

Repeat 8-article / 3/10 times and then maintain article / 3 / 10-article / 3/15 seconds.

銆€銆€Purpose: Can tighten the waistline very well