Three tips to make lotion good value


Three tips to make lotion good value

Do you know if lotion is clean or nutritious?

Today I will tell you a few secrets of lotion that you do not know, and make the most of the effect of lotion!

  The lotion is applied to the surface of the skin. The main effect is to clean the skin again, balance the secretion of oil, adjust the pH of the skin and replenish the skin’s moisture. Therefore, the lotion is actually the last step to clean the skin, it can also be said to be a prelude to skin care.

Facial cleansers are mostly hypodermic. After washing the face, the originally weakly acidic skin will temporarily lose its balance. Therefore, immediately use a lotion to adjust the skin’s acidity value to help the skin quickly return to weak acidity.

But you should follow the skin needs to choose the right lotion.

Find a lotion and maintenance method that suits you. Skin care in late spring will change from the habit of using lotion!

  Tips for using lotion: Skill 1: Help the skin absorb. Pressing the skin with both hands with temperature can help the facial skin quickly absorb the lotion.

  Editor’s experience: Did your hands quickly cool down after washing your face?

Quickly wet your hands with warm water within 30 seconds and let it air dry. Pour the lotion on the skin at the temperature and quickly change the skin texture.

  Secret Skills: ★★★★★ Skill 2: Gently pat lightly, a slight stimulus can open the microvessels, bring in sufficient oxygen to moisturize the skin, and increase the brightness of the skin.

  Editor’s experience: Everyone may be familiar with this shift, but what the editor wants to tell you is that you must not make a “slap” sound when you tap your skin. That would be too heavy.

It’s best to put the force between blocking and making a sound.

  Tips and Secrets: ★★★★ ☆ Skill 3: When the mask uses a lotion with strong moisturizing ingredients, moisturizing the cotton pad can be used as a homemade mask patch. Apply it wherever you dry.

A lotion with a calming and astringent effect is made into a cotton pad and applied to acne, and the anti-inflammatory effect is also excellent!

  Editor’s experience: Some of the lotion is nourishing, and it is really a waste to not borrow it as a mask.

Feel that the mask has been applied for too long?

Then try this “Quick Homemade Mask”, which is especially suitable for staying up late according to experience!

  Secret skill: ★★★★★