Self-entertainment wants you to lose weight faster


Self-entertainment wants you to lose weight faster

We have been living in a stressful society for a long time. The relationship with others, work, work, family, and the troubles of the opposite sex are all causes of stress, and the desire to “weight loss” cannot be satisfied will also cause stress.

Some people are too eager to lose weight, which may cause overeating or refusing to feed. Many of these patients have developed vomiting due to long-term overeating and vomiting.So that the back of the hand was bitten out of the cocoon by the teeth).

  Of course, these examples are extreme, but it is true that a lot of people relieve their stress by overeating.

This result is naturally fat.

In addition, when starting to lose weight, “what I wanted to eat but couldn’t eat” became a new kind of pressure. To alleviate this pressure, some people once again revolved around the vicious circle of overeating.

  Losing weight in a debilitating situation is the main cause of eating disorders and weight loss failures.

So, what should we do to reduce mental stress? The autonomic nerve training method (the method of relaxing the mind and body through relaxation and relaxation of the whole body) was previously used to treat psychosomatic disorders and mental illness.General health therapies are popular), as well as yoga, tai chi, and qigong.

  In addition, imagination and self-suggestion are also effective.

For example, imagine yourself losing weight, or specifically “if I have a handsome boyfriend, then I must date him on Sunday .” and so on.

The specialized medical term is called “free association”, which is a method of self-control by specifically replacing one’s excellent side in his mind.

  As everyone knows, many athletes usually perform “impression training”.

This training method is to repeatedly imagine the scene when you are successful, such as “I want to break through the opponent’s defense and score a goal”, “I want to continuously break through super-skills and tricks”, etc., and make it enter the brain, and finally appear in the realPlay an active role in the same scene.

  Eliminating self-stress and creating a good self-image is an effective way to lose weight and keep fit.

  It is also reported that medical scientists in the United States and the Netherlands have advocated a self-care method-meditation daydreaming about the fatigue caused by fast-paced life.

It is said that this method is a special movement of relaxation, which can eliminate fatigue, promote the thinking and creativity of people, and prevent and treat many diseases.

  The method of meditation and reverie is: leaning back on the chair, leaning or leaning your head, let it be, and keep your eyes closed.

The thoughts and thoughts should be the pleasant things of the past, but also the beautiful scenery of nature, the vast galaxies in the sky and the ships floating in the sea, and at the same time think of a variety of large and interesting pictures.

  Experts weighed that although the corrective mechanism of clear thinking about the therapeutic information transmitted from the brain to each cell has not yet been cleared up earlier, two points can be affirmed: the first is that the living and dead substances of the immune system can work well.The second is to make the brain acute, free from language activities and be in an information state, so that the right brain can give full play to the intuitive image thinking ability, so that the left brain fatigue that often occurs for authors and language thinkers who are often right-handedRecover in a timely manner and improve work efficiency.