Strong signal-the transaction volume is continuously enlarged and these changes cannot be short

Strong signal: the volume is continuously amplified and these changes cannot be ignored

The public offering institutions increased their positions and bought funds from the north, and the inflow of northward capital continued to flow in. With the market sentiment turning optimistic, today’s A shares continued the trend of yesterday’s rally, and the three major stock indexes opened higher across the board.

The total turnover of the two cities is as high as 5317.

3.2 billion, stocks are generally rising.

  At noon, GEM reported 1950.

64 points, up 3.

61%; SZSE Component Index reported at 10385.

23 points, up 2.

93%; Shanghai Composite Index reported at 2828.

75 points, up 1.


  Among them, the GEM index took the lead, and in this strong rebound, it only covered the gap in two days.

  Source of data: On the surface of Wind disk, Tesla concept broke out, Ningde era, Joyson Electronics and other more than ten stocks; the online education concept stocks once again staged a daily limit tide, two six three, all-pass education and more than ten stocksDaily limit.

  The GEM refers to the “pioneer” and has a strong bullish outlook on the market. Public funds have set off a wave of self-purchasing, and their rejection has exceeded 2 billion. Zhejiang Longsheng, Zhongxin Tourism, Pengyuan Environmental Protection, Praco, New Hope .Increase holdings or repurchase company shares; large insurance institutions issue “no net sell” instructions, and large insurance institutions enter the market with a scale of more than 10 billion yuan; star products such as Oriental Red Ruifeng Hybrid Fund release large-scale purchase restrictions, emergency supplements”Ammunition” . Generally, according to the exchange, today the total net inflow of northbound funds for half a day was 15.

8.9 billion yuan, of which net purchases from the Shanghai Stock Connect channel were zero.

2.2 billion yuan, the Shenzhen Stock Connect channel net purchase of 15.

6.7 billion.

  In recent trading days, positive signals have continued to appear, and market sentiment has clearly warmed.

  In this round of strong rally, the bright performance of the GEM Index is even more effective in fueling optimism.

  On Wednesday, the number of scenic spots increased significantly, and the money-making effect recovered.

In addition to Tesla, cloud office and other concepts, the agricultural planting sector also rose in the early morning. Dunhuang seed industry, Dabei farmers daily limit.

  In addition, some weighted individual stocks of A shares have also undergone significant changes.

At about 10:00 in the morning, brokerage stocks rose significantly. As of midday closing, Huachuang Yangan rose more than 9%. Zheshang Securities, Southwest Securities, and Founder Securities (rights) followed suit.

  Guosheng Securities analysis believes that from the perspective of risk premium, the current market has entered a region with a very high medium and long-term safety margin.

Subsequently, the transformation of the epidemic situation gradually eased, the risk increased into the repair period, the market will usher in a rebound, and the structure will become the focus of determining the level of excess returns.

  Guosheng Securities said that the high fundamentals and abundant liquidity are expected to support the technology growth sector to lead the A-shares out of adjustment.

  The Tesla concept broke out overnight, and the US stock market Tesla continued to soar, reaching a level of $ 968.

Finally closed at 887.

06 US dollars, with a total market value of nearly 160 billion US dollars.

  Benefiting from Tesla’s strong performance, the A-share Tesla concept plate broke out in the early morning, and the Ningde era once again reached a daily limit, with a total market value of over 360 billion, which can reach 163.

79 yuan.

The daily limit of more than ten stocks, such as Joyson Electronics, Aoteca, and Chang Aluminum.

  Data source: The team of Hu Youwen from Wind An Securities 南京桑拿网 believes that Tesla’s business model is aligning with Apple’s, and the continuous charging of software services will become its most important business model in the future.

Tesla is not only a car manufacturer, but also a software manufacturer. It will be an autonomous driving service platform in the future.

  Anxin Securities said that the development history of the iPhone at that time is undergoing a repeat of Tesla, and Tesla is just the beginning of the wave of intelligent cars and connected networks.

Driven by 5G + AI, the investment opportunities of the automotive electronics industry development wave may be even more amazing than Apple’s industrial chain 10 years ago.

  Online education continues to rise and cease tide. Since Monday, cloud office, online office, online education and other remote office concepts have continued to attract market attention.

  On the morning of February 5th, the news showed that the Ministry of Education issued relevant guidance recently that, on February 2nd, the Ministry of Education organized 22 online course platforms to open online courses for free2.

More than 40,000 courses, covering 12 disciplines of undergraduate courses, 18 professional majors in vocational colleges.  During the session, the concept of online education strengthened across the board, closing at noon every month, and the overall sector rose nearly 6%.

In 263, Suzhou Kodak, Huichang Communication and other stocks hit daily limit.

Science and technology board company Jinshan office, Zhiyuan Internet also recorded good growth.

  Data source: Wind CITIC Securities believes that the penetration rate of online education in major regions has rapidly increased from less than 20% to nearly 100%.

At present, online education is mainly due to the relatively high cost of customer acquisition, and the recent significant increase in the extent will reduce the cost of customer acquisition of the entire industry, online education will accelerate the growth, optimistic about sector performance.