Intensify emotions, in fact, good for mental health

Intensify emotions, in fact, good for mental health

According to reports, although society often advocates the belief that “being optimistic”
, some scientists believe that this is dangerous because oxide emotions are actually an important part of balancing mental health and are also inherent in biology.

Treating depression with drugs prevents us from accepting the painful side and reducing human vitality.

  Scientists point out that depression has many benefits.

For example, grief can make a victim stronger and overcome the ability to cope with the challenges of life.

There are too many historical great men who have suffered from mental and emotional problems.

During World War II, British Prime Minister Churchill, the 16th president of the United States who liberated the slaves, Lincoln, the British scientist Newton who found the law of gravity, and Le Saint Beethoven, they achieved extraordinary results, and all alleviated depression.

  In fact, more and more psychiatrists are now questioning the active use of treatments for depression by doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

These drugs may not only bring temporary, but also affect the growth of human emotions.

  Wakefield, a professor of social work at New York University, said: “The sad mood is universal in humans because it has some benefit.

The use of drugs is no longer sad or distorts human nature.

Studies have shown that short-term emotions can provide protection.

For example, if a monkey boss escapes without any emotion after being overthrown, it implies that it will continue to challenge the monkey boss and cause it to kill.

  One scholar said that sadness can help us learn from our mistakes.

He said: “I believe that one of the functions of violating emotions is to prevent us from working properly and to alert us to avoid similar things.