Haitian AAC (A19077): the world’s leading provider of artificial intelligence data resources

Haitian AAC (A19077): the world’s leading provider of artificial intelligence data resources

Investment points: The world’s leading provider of artificial intelligence data resources.

The company relies on its own artificial intelligence data resources, research and development and sales of artificial artificial intelligence resource products and related services. The company has transformed its operations and support capabilities. Its main customers 深圳桑拿网 include Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Microsoft, Samsung, and HKUST News., Hikvision, etc., the number of customers continues to increase to 400, basically covering major large-scale technology companies, artificial intelligence companies and technology institutions.

  With its own core technology, it has obvious competitive advantages.

The company can currently cover the three major artificial intelligence technology areas of intelligent speech, computer vision, and natural language processing. It has its own core related technologies, has more than 500 independent intellectual property rights to authorize the use of databases, and provides more than 2,000 customized data to downstream customers.Resource database and related services. The company has an independent intellectual property voice database as a benchmark in the industry. Related products and services can support more than 130 languages and dialects. The company is an internationally leading and competitive artificial intelligence data resource service provider.

  Proposed to raise funds about 7.

2.5 billion.

The raised funds will be invested in the expansion project of the independent research and development product of Tianli.

19 ppm, integrated technology support platform construction project.

10 ppm, R & D center construction project 1.

620,000 yuan, 33.28 million yuan for business management platform construction projects, supplementing working capital1.

A total of RMB 7 million was raised.

2.5 billion.

  Net income increased rapidly, and research and development expenses accounted for a high proportion.

From 2016 to 2018, the company’s operating income was 8,422.

860,000, 11,907.

09 million, 19,265.

770,000; net profit attributable to mothers was 1,028.

930 thousand, 3,414.

960,000, 6,714.

160,000; gross profit margins are 68.

08%, 72.

26%, 64.

77%; the company’s R & D expenses were 2,174.

920 thousand, 2,527.

990,000, 2,734.

530,000; R & D expenses account for 25% of revenue.

82%, 21.

23%, 14.


  Select the first listing standard, and it is recommended to use the PE estimation method.

The company complies with Article 2 of the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Science and Technology Board Stock Listing Rules.


Listing criteria of Article 2 (1): The market value is expected to be no less than RMB 1 billion, and the net profit in the past two years can be positive and progressive.In the past year, the net profit was positive and the operating income did not exceed RMB 10,000.

Taking into account the forecast of the domestic market for companies with the same A-share industry classification as the issuer, the company expects the market value to be no less than 1 billion yuan.

  Risk reminders: operating performance risks, new business development risks, rising procurement costs risks, and technological upgrading and restructuring risks.