Eating fruit is also fat?


Counting the calories contained in the fruit


Eating fruit is also fat?
Counting the calories contained in the fruit

Lead: Do not think that fruit is a versatile weight loss product.

If you are getting fatter, it is very likely that the fruit is at work.

銆€銆€Fruits are rich in nutrients, mainly vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B, and minerals.

The first useful dietary fiber, which organizes the body to produce feces, is an incalculable food for weight loss.

But fruit is by no means omnipotent, and the sugar it contains will make us fat.

銆€銆€The reason why fruit is delicious is that it is rich in fructose, which can provide energy to the body, but it will also turn into a neutral aunt, making us fat.

So friends who have fruit habits in the middle of the night must be restrained.

銆€銆€Fruits with high calories, high sugar and high starch should pay special attention!

It is best to eat only 100g at a time.

銆€銆€The calorie strawberry contained in the fruit. 34kcal (100g about 7) mandarin orange. 43 kcal (1 about 70g is 30kcal) bright orange. 46 kcal (1 about 130g is 60kcal) grapefruit.38 kcal(1/2 about 115g is 44kcal) watermelon. 37 kcal (1/8 about 360g is 133kcal) Japanese fragrant pear. 47 kcal (1 about 70g is 30kcal) orange. 40 kcal (1 about 200g is 80kcal) Papaya. 38 kcal (1/2 about 170g is 65kcal) Blueberry. 49 kcal (100g for 1/2 cup) cantaloupe. 42 kcal (1/8 150g is 63kcal) Peach. 40 kcal (1Approximately 160g is 64kcal) avocado. 187 kcal (1/2 80g is 150kcal) durian. 133 kcal (a banana size) banana. 86 kcal (1 root) Time and amount of fruit to eat 200g fruit during the day,It is the best time and quantity to eat fruit.

Time is good from morning to noon. Try to avoid eating fruits at night, which will cause sugar to accumulate and form misfortune.

The amount is preferably 200g, which can make the fruit play the most weight loss and health effect.