Postpartum Mommy’s Aerobics

Postpartum Mommy’s Aerobics

Most postpartum moms have an abdomen that looks as big as a 5 month pregnancy on the first day, because the uterus is still swollen and not fully recovered.

After 3-18 months, the uterus will gradually recover.

  However, as the fetus grows and develops in the womb, the abdominal wall muscles are excessively stretched and fractured, and there is a substantial decrease in muscle elasticity. Abdominal muscle displacement is very serious. Without exercise, the elasticity of the abdominal wall muscles cannot be restored.Better, the simplest, most economical, the most effective body shape recovery strategy without any complications is to do abdominal exercises that are conducive to muscle training as soon as possible after delivery.


Lie on your back with your knees flexed, your feet flat on your bed, your hands on your abdomen for deep breathing exercises, and your belly tucked away.


Lie on your back with your hands around the back of your head, lift your chest and abdomen slightly, and move your legs straight up and down, moving from small to large, slow to fast, and do it about 50 times.


Lie on your back, hold the bed rails with both hands, lift your legs together, do n’t bend your knees, keep your toes straight, and the angle between your legs and your body should be 90 degrees. Stop after stepping on for a while before falling down.Until the abdomen becomes sour.


Put your hands on the inside of the body, step on the support bed, flex your knees, step on the bed with your palms, tilt forward and lift up, stop after lifting, fall for 4 seconds, rest for a while and then lift.


Put your hands on the sides of your body, step on your legs, step on them, and step on them like a pedal bike until the legs are sore.


Stand on the side of the bed, hold the bed with both hands, pull your feet backwards, make your body in a straight line, flex your forearms, press your body down, and after stopping for two or three seconds, stretch your forearms straight up and lift your body up.-15 times.


One leg stands on the ground to support the weight of the entire body, the other leg is bent and lifted, and then jumps continuously with the leg that supports the body, 20-30 times each time, the two legs alternate until the legs are sour.

  Doing aerobics requires perseverance to work.

Use force every time you do it to make it home.

You should be able to appreciate the muscles that are grading and contracting hard.

  Tips for love: The initial implanted body organs have not recovered after delivery. Do not be overworked by doing exercises.