78 companies’ interim results are expected to double and the company maintains 11 outstanding white horse stocks

78 companies’ interim results are expected to double and the company maintains 11 outstanding white horse stocks

78 companies are expected to double their interim results. Eleven outstanding white horse stocks are held by social security fund holders. Source: Securities Daily. ■ Our reporter Zhang Ying trainee reporter Xu Yiming.Come out.

Statistics found that, as of May 19, 416 listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen had released interim results announcements. More than 40% of the companies reported good results and 78 companies with net profit expected to exceed 100%.

Analysts said that after the market has decreased, individual stocks have fallen out of value. Among listed companies that have issued interim results announcements, the advance notice of some stocks has reduced the chance of a better mine layout due to the advance notice of performance, and the Nuggets can be the firstReveal the company’s interim report and the performance of the company’s significant increase.

Today, this newspaper analyzes and combs the above-mentioned performance of the white horse stocks from three aspects, including performance evaluation, market capital and institutional positions, for investors’ reference.

  5 companies expect net profit to increase by more than 10 times. Securities Daily Market Research Center found that according to flush flush statistics, until May 19, a total of 78 companies in the listed companies that have announced interim 杭州桑拿网 results announcements have previously doubled their net profit.

Report baseline, Kyle New Materials (9280.

86%), Minhe shares (5113.

28%), Ningbo Fubon (4272.

97%), Dongfangtong (2385.

00%), Tianshun shares (1300.

00%) and other 5 companies are expected to achieve a net profit growth of more than 10 times per year, Zhejiang Yongqiang (838.

61%), China Mining Resources (517.

12%), Jin Yi Technology (435.

93%), Sega Technology (400.

00%), Xiantan shares (372.

67%), Tongda shares (350.

00%), US Jim (350.

00%), Evergrande High-tech (349.

26%), King Wright (348.

84%), Shengnong Development (347.

75%), Daqing Huake (325.

70%), Moen Electric (322.

94%) and other 12 companies are expected to achieve a net profit growth of more than 300%.

  For Kyle New Materials, the company estimates the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 武汉夜网论坛 from January to June 2019: 60 million to 65 million yuan, a year-on-year change of 8559.

26% to 9280.


  Explanation of reasons for changes in performance: 1.

Since the second half of 2018, benefiting from the accelerated release of the main business (subway, tunnel) market space, the energy-saving and environmental protection business power plant desulfurization and denitrification transformation market has picked up, and the non-electricity industry’s ultra-low emission transformation has developed smoothly.With core competitive advantages such as industry first-mover, leading technology, high brand reputation and rich industry experience, the order volume continues to rise, product production and sales increase, and the main business continues to show a rapid growth trend; 2.
In the previous year, the company’s outreach expansion investment was initially realized.

  In terms of estimation, of the 78 stocks mentioned above, a total of 18 stocks have latest P / E ratios lower than the average level of their respective industries, of which Minhe shares (13.

17 times), Xiantan shares (16.

23 times), Shengnong Development (16.

76 times) and other 3 agricultural, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery stocks, the latest dynamic price-earnings ratio is significantly lower than the average level of their industry, the performance of the market outlook is worthy of attention.

  More than 50% of the stocks outperformed the market during the month. The Securities Daily Market Research Center found that according to the flush flush statistics, in the past 5 months, out of the 78 performance previews and stock turnovers, a total of 44 stocks outperformed the broader market during the same period.(Dada down) 6.

37%), accounting for 56.


The two stock markets of Ningbo Dongli (right protection) and Dali Technology performed significantly, with a continuous growth rate of 48 during the period.

29%, 10.
The same shares, Evergrand High-tech, Maoshuo Power, ST Guanfu (right protection), German-American Chemical, Kyle New Materials, Meijim, Dongfangtong and other eight stocks continued to grow over 5% during the period.

  Regarding the market performance of strong stocks, analysts said that when the broader market enters the stage of repeated consolidation, coupled with the disclosure of interim report performance announcements, now it is precisely when market funds are undergoing a new round of screening, some stocks have been replaced by A sharesThe market performance is relatively strong under the background. With reference to the expected performance of the performance, it will show a “strong and strong” situation with the help of funds.

  Funding surface, since May, * ST Ropp (3097.

30,000 yuan), Ningbo Dongli (3045.

79 thousand yuan), Mao Shuo Power (1162.

430,000 yuan) and other three stocks accumulated over the period of more than 10 million yuan in large single funds sought after, a total of 7305 gold.

250,000 yuan.

* ST Yichang, Evergrande High-tech, Dier Laser, Hite Control, Daikin Heavy Industries and other five stocks gradually increased the average net inflow of funds over a period of more than 1 million yuan.

  The social security fund holders have 11 outstanding white horse stocks. Regarding the market performance of the above 78 stocks, institutions have recently published research reports to make predictions. Statistical data found that within 30 days, Enjie, BYD, US Jim, ZTE, etc.Only 4 stocks are favored by the institutions. The institutions have more than 15 rating companies, and 4 stocks including Shandong Heda, Topbon, Xinguodu, and Xiantan have been “buy” or”Overweight” and other bullish grades.

  Regarding Enjie shares with the most rating agencies, China Merchants Securities said that the natural growth in demand from existing major customers will become the basis for the company’s future growth, and the cost of the company’s merger and the continuous improvement of technological levels are expected to continue to break through overseas customers.

As a leader in domestic wet law regulations, the company has an advanced level of process management and maintains the “Highly Recommended-A” investment rating with a target price of 61 yuan to 64 yuan.

  In terms of institutional positions, market analysts said that, as far as ordinary investors are concerned, mainstream institutional investment is rational and professional, and its heavy stocks reflect a certain value orientation, which is also an important reference for individual investors to choose stocks.

  Carding found that as of the first quarter, the Social Security Fund held a total of 11 stocks. Among them, the targets holding more than 10 million shares were ZTE, China Resources Sanjiu, Shengnong Development, Qingdao Golden King, Songzhi Shares, and Poison Bird., Red Polaroid.

QFII holds more than 10 million shares of China Resources Sanjiu, and the fund holds more than 10 million shares of 15 stocks, respectively, ZTE, Wangsu Technology, Shengnong Development, Baoxin Bird, Topbon shares, BYD,Xinguodu, Gongda Electroacoustics, Xiantan Shares, Dali Technology, Evergreen Group, Caesars Culture, Enjie Shares, Jin Xinnong, Zhejiang Yongqiang, ZTE, Baoying Bird, Dahua Smart, and Netsu TechnologyThe holders of the insured funds have more than 10 million shares in the insurance funds, but the securities companies have no stocks with more than 10 million shares.

  According to a comprehensive review, ZTE, China Resources Sanjiu, Baoxiniao, Netsu Technology, and Shengnong Development, etc., are all jointly held by two or more types of institutions, and the number of institutional shares exceeds 10 million.