How to not suffer from cool disease in summer, more natural wind and less air conditioning

How to not suffer from “cool” disease in summer, more natural wind and less air conditioning

Core Tip: Stepping into the early summer, the continuous high temperature has been unbearable, and the fan cooling is indispensable at home.
Air-conditioning for a long time, and easy to air-conditioning disease, do not open air-conditioning and sweating, how to cool down is not easy to suffer from “cold” disease?
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銆€銆€Second, when sleeping, the fan should blow the fan from the foot to choose the one that can shake the head.
When sleeping, the fan is suitable to blow from the foot, so that the whole body will cool faster.
If the fan blows directly against the head and neck, the temperature of the scalp drops, and when it is severe, it can induce stroke.
銆€銆€Third, the most wearable socks for air conditioning at night. It is best to wear stockings at night to prevent the feet from getting cold, which is ignored by many people.
In addition, air conditioning at noon or at night, especially for the elderly or young children, should wear long-sleeved pajamas and pajama pants, covered with a thin air conditioner to prevent the lungs from getting cold.
銆€銆€At home, cool tips: We certainly can’t change the cool and cold weather arranged by nature, but sometimes it is possible and necessary to artificially create a cool microclimate.
銆€銆€Plants ease the mood: hanging a pot of spider orchids in the window, a jasmine, night scent on the desk, sprinkle a little wind oil, toilet water or violet perfume on the bulb.
When there is a faint fragrance in the room, people’s emotions and feelings will be in joy, and unconsciously, the heat will disappear.
銆€銆€Plants help cool: Some plants are planted reasonably inside and outside the home, and there is also a significant cooling effect.
For example, planting creeper plants such as ivy, grapes, morning glory, and wisteria around the living room to form a green 鈥渁wning鈥?
The rational distribution of climbing plants can change the microclimate structure of the living room, isolate the direct radiation of the sun, and release part of the water.
銆€銆€Sensual and cool: The weather is hot, and the red and purple in the living room will be unbearable.
So, put on a light green, light blue, milky cool color ornaments.
You can also replace the decorative painting on the wall with the “Iceberg Snow Peak” or the Xiaoqiao River.
A cool home will make you feel the coolness of nature.
The human vision is very interesting, and the wonderful things will quickly come from the eye to the heart, producing the effect of quenching thirst.
銆€銆€Ice making in the refrigerator: Make a few pieces of ice in a plastic box or an enamel box every night, and place it under the bed or corner at night to let the ice absorb too much heat in the room.
If this method is combined with a light wind, it can reduce the temperature even if the air conditioner does not.
Also remember to open the doors and windows in the morning and evening, so that the air convection, naturally wind.
銆€銆€Resident heat: Install an awning over the sunny window and replace it with dark curtains to block direct sunlight and heat.
In the evening, when the temperature drops, then open the window, there will be a natural coolness.